PRICES  2023

Register your Land Rover or buy a visitor ticket on the same day of the event at Les Comes.


If you have a Land Rover, enjoy the 80km of 4 × 4 tracks in Les Comes and all the activities.

Registration includes the vehicle and the driver. Companions pay in Les Comes on the same weekend as the event.

Until 07/09/2023 
€70 – 1 day
€95 – 2 or 3 days (weekend price)

From 08/09/2023 to 26/09/2023
€85 – 1 day
€115 – 2 or 3 days (weekend price)

Event weekend: From 06/10/2023 to 08/10/2023
€ 100 – 1 day
€ 135 – 2 or 3 days (single weekend price)


If you do not want to access the 4×4 tracks with your Land Rover or you do not have a Land Rover vehicle, you can also come and enjoy the activities of the Land Rover Party with your family and friends.

The prices for visitors / companions include the 3 days of the event (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):

  • FREE – Visitors aged 3 years or under.
  • €10       – Visitors aged 4 to 10 years.
  • €15     – Visitors over 10 years of age.

* Visitor and companion tickets are sold at Les Comes on the day of the event.

* Companions are people who go inside a participant’s vehicle.

* Visitors are people who do not want to access the 4 × 4 tracks with their Land Rover or who do not have a branded vehicle but want to enjoy the rest of the activities.



  • Normal camping: €30* (1-2 nights. From Friday to Saturday and/or from Saturday to Sunday)
    *Includes 1 vehicle + tent.
  • Complete camping: €50* (3-4 nights. Also includes Thursday to Friday and Sunday to Monday)
    *Includes 1 vehicle + tent.
  • A 2nd vehicle into the camping area (extra vehicle): €40*/vehicle

*”Vehicle” is understood as caravans, cars, 4x4s, motorhomes, trailers and any other type of vehicle or equipment that occupies a space in the camping area.

* Online registration allows you to register 1 vehicle in the Camping Area. From the 2nd “vehicle” must be paid on-site in Les Comes the same day of the event (40€).

*Participants have priority for camping. Visitors will only be able to camp if there is still space available on the weekend of the event.